How you can Spice Up Your Sex Life

There’s a new show that dropped in Netflix the other day and is pretty much the sexiest thing ever before. Like, NSFW-sexy and don’t-watch-with-anyone-but-your-favorite-vibrator sexy. It has called Sex/Life, and this stars Debbie Shahi as Billie, a suburban stay at home mom who longs for the wild, popular, hot partying days of her kids, especially her time with her ex, bad boy record exec Mike (played by Australia’s own personal Adam Demos).

While the new series is generating a lot of buzz (and lots of hotness), it’s not accurately groundbreaking with regards to storyline or perhaps acting, plus some people are not quite sure just how seriously to have it all. It’s a little like UnREAL, but with less wit plus more banging.

The first episode targets on Billie’s sex life with her husband, Cooper, and the monotony she feels within their romantic relationship. She’s naughty, and she has not afraid to tell him that. She also writes about her fantasies with Brad in her journal, which provides him ideas of how to spice some misconception in the bedroom.

And spicing things up doesn’t necessarily mean changing things up completely — nonetheless it could indicate something as easy as making love in a unique part of the residence, or hoping a new status that’s both equally familiar and strange. Once sex gets plan (having this on the same day time of the month or week, only doing certain positions) it’s simple to lose interest, consequently try moving over things up.

To help you get the sex game back to normal, we talked to Taylor swift, one of our relationship and sex publishers, who provided us some tips on how to help to make sex great. She’ll help you decide which vibes are really worth the splurge, why you should end up being sexing often and even making cowgirl love-making work for you (yes, really). Furthermore, she’ll offer you some information on how to speak to your partner with what you prefer in the bedroom so they know you happen to be coming from a host to respect and trust.

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